Making Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  When you make lemonade, the kids will want something – anything – else.

As ima2seven aptly called it, even though BK2 is back to normal and non-contagious, school policy requires another sick day.  However, not wanting to expose his recently degermified  self to Very Little Ones, the gym and other appointments  were rescheduled.  Anything reminiscent of Quality Children’s Programming had already been banned for mental health preservation.

We started with a simple plan: Pottery Painting at the mall.

I should preface that this isn’t just any mall. It is a Mall of Wonders, a siren call to children and the Mommas who are happy to oblige as long as there is air conditioning and a Starbucks.

As we entered, the Mall’s latest addition – the mini-train – pulled up.  Remember Ricky Schroder’s ride on from Silver Spoons?  Take that and splice it with a Thomas the Tank Engine, and you get something pretty close to the glossy preschooler-magnet we had to ride.

Second stop: Pottery Painting. It is UNREAL how one tiny ceramic motorcycle and unlimited paint can keep a boy entertained. (The price was unreal, too, but he wanted to make it for his brother, so we went with it.

Third Stop:  The Double – Decker Carousel.  It turns out that there are bench swings on the top level, so BG glided gleefully on my lap while BK2 cowboy-ed it up.  Yee Ha!

After the ride, BK2 announced he was hungry, so of course, we had to have Hagaan Daas.  (BTW – If you give a kid a milkshake and insist that he hold it with two hands, he can’t manhandle merchandise while you browse. )

So to recap: Train ride, Pottery Painting, Carousel, Ice Cream.  I am regaled with lots of high fives and smiles.  Ergo, I am the Coolest Mom Ever.

BK2:  Immah, I had a good day.  Do I hafta go back to school tomorrow?

(Kiddo, you have no idea how much.)

Fast forward to pick up at Karate.  BK1 is showing off his dollar store prize.  Emphasis on dollar.

BK2 (remember BK2?  The boy who’s been with me all day, for two days?) : Oh, no fair!  BK1 got a car!

Me:  Yup.  You are SO totally going back to school in the morning.

Assuming I don’t eat you first.

With a nice, tall glass of lemonade.


One Response to “Making Lemonade”

  1. Mommyomy Says:

    Hee hee! The whole “Must not eat the children” is funnier when you realize that you’re calling the boys “BK”. I sense that when they’re in trouble, we’re going to start referencing ‘broilers”.

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