Life’s Little Ironies.

Mornings have never been my strong point.  I passed this on to the kids, who are only able to wake up early on days normal people* expect to sleep late. Weekends, holidays, vacations (or whenever I don’t set an alarm),  you can be sure that I will awake staring into at least one smiling face, attached to a boy who is ready to start his day, especially if it’s the day he gets sugar cereal.

But most days are school days; therefore, we have a Place To Be, preferably on time. Teachers like Mothers Who Drop Kids Off On Time.

There are a lot of pluses to having Late Risers. (I have slept in more than one house of Early Rising Minors.  I feel your pain;  5AM is an awful place to be without coffee.)  Unfortunately, getting Late Risers to school on time involves prodding, cajoling, and a bit of yelling. There’s a word for this: Unpleasant. You would think that the kids would rather get away from the Morning Mommy Monster as fast as possible, but apparently, they love me too much to leave me.

I blame battle fatigue.

Now that I know what it is I am facing, I just need to figure out how to deal with it.

As a wise friend pointed out, there’s a reason it’s called Preschool. IT’S NOT REAL SCHOOL.  Five-year-olds don’t get left back for tardiness. Report cards are a technicality.  There is zero chance of a pop quiz.

And so, I declared today a Slow Morning. Last night I told the boys I would not wake them up. They were welcome to sleep in as long as they liked, and we would get ready in our own time. No Yelling Allowed.

No alarm was set, so it was no surprise that when I woke up this morning there was a boy waiting to remind me about our slow morning policy. A glance at my night stand proved the time to be somewhere between Alarm and Snooze 1. Fine.  So wake up time was pretty much normal.

One by one the rest of the house wakes up. Kids dressed, breakfast served, toothbrushes laid out, hats located, and the only raised voiced was when I called down the stairs that it was shoe – finding time.

Getting into the car cost me two silly bands, but the entire purpose behind the silly band purchase was to make my life easier, so whatever. For the first time, we made it out of the house, fully dressed, no complaints, and no shouting.

I checked the clock when I dropped the boys off: 8:45Am.

15 minutes late.  Just like every other morning.

* RE:  Normal People:  I am guessing on this one.  I don’t think I know any real normal people (but I have seen some on TV).


One Response to “Life’s Little Ironies.”

  1. Mommyomy Says:

    At least you wake up to smiles. I once woke up to a banana in my ear.

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