More Haikus!

The kitchen WAS clean

I distinctly remember

mopping this morning.


Something must have happened since.

Something kinda gross.

I still fail to see

how this is my problem, though.

I DID  clean today.

Just because there is

no evidence NOW does not

mean it is not so.


Cheese Cake Recipe

Chocolate, whip. cream

Sugar, vanilla, cream cheese

Mix, freeze, serve frozen.


3 Responses to “More Haikus!”

  1. Miriyummy Says:

    Two minutes after the third time I cleaned the floor on Tuesday there were husband prints, stepson prints and dog prints all over the floor. Sometimes I think I should take a picture of the clean floor just to remind me that it was ONCE clean.

  2. ima2seven Says:

    two days home from school
    important guest for Shabbat
    cleaning help cancelled

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