Vocabulary Lessons

The word Davka in Hebrew doesn’t have a direct translation in English, but it is used to indicate irony.  Imagine the phase ‘Of Course’ dripping in sarcasm, and you’ll get the gist. Or just read the following by way of an example.

Lunch today was yogurt. This is a tactile experience akin to finger paint, generally requiring a change of clothes, and quite possibly a bath. However, BG’s outfit today was a cute one, so I put an extra bib on top of the full body version we reserve for just this use.  The kid is practically mummified in bib-age.

To make a long story short, not only is BG in need of an outfit and a shampoo, DAVKA I need a new skirt.


I am watching the following video as per Ima2Seven’s instructions.  From there I clicked on to some old video of Ofra Chaza singing, when my son wandered over:

BK2:  Who’s that?

Me: Ofra Chaza.  She’s a singer.

BK2:  Oh.  She sings in Spanish?

Me:  She sings in Hebrew.

BK2: Oh. ‘Cause she lives in Is-wa-el?

Me:  Yes.  She’s Israeli.

BK2:  So that’s why she sings in Spanish.

Me:  Hebrew.

BK2: Right.


I happen to own a pair of gel lined manicure gloves.  I bought them two winters ago when I had some painfully raw hands, and have been perched on my night stand ever since.

This morning BK2 wandered in, wiggled his little hands into the gloves, and raised them high:

BK2: I’m off to do a sper-a-ment.

Me:  A Sper-a-ment?

BK2:  Yeah!  Cause I’m a scientist!


One Response to “Vocabulary Lessons”

  1. Miriyummy Says:

    My youngest daughter has ODD — oppositional defiant disorder, or as it’s know in Israel, the Davka Syndrome.

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