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G-d Laughing

June 17, 2010

I had an unexpected gift this week.

At 3pm I found out that as PTO President, one of my duties is to make a presentation at graduation.  Graduation being 7pm THAT NIGHT.

Nothing like 4 hour notice to make you feel like crazy and frustrated.

I hate feeling unprepared, and I hate having to rearrange my schedule.  Needless  to say, I was more than a bit flummoxed.  This was not how my night was supposed to go.  I had a plan for me and the gym and a shower.  At no point was I expecting a podium or dry-clean clothes.

But there’s an old Yiddish saying:  Man plans and G-d laughs.

I was disappointed.  I had just finished negotiating the evening schedule when I got the call.  But instead of acting on the frustration, I just acknowledged it.  Of course I was disappointed.  I wanted to do something, and now all that planning was out the window.  But, what can I say?  This is what I signed up for.  When I signed up for the SAHM position, I knew the job included being involved with school. This is what lead me to sign on to the PTO, and this is the deal I made.

So, once we got the kids home, I showered, got dressed up, and headed out again.

I’m so glad I did.

Just walking in the room, among the graduates, their families, and the teachers, I could feel my heart expanding the warm glow of joy and pride.  And these weren’t even my kids.

By the time I got to my presentation, I was just so grateful to be part of the whole process.  I felt like I had just been given a gift.  A gift that I could have turned down just because I didn’t like the wrapping paper it came in.

I wonder what else I might have missed.