Speaking of an IV infusion of coffee…

This post was inspired by Miriyummi’s Coffee and a Movie.

I, too, am a coffee snob.  I will admit a weakness for a Starbucks Latte, although I shun their brewed coffee (too bitter, tastes burned).  I don’t believe that coffee has to be expensive, organic, or special ordered to be good.  It just has to be a flavorful cup of coffee.

That being said, I stumbled across the Best Cup Of Coffee I’ve Ever Had while reading this article, which lead me to this recipe, which lead to

ImmahLady’s Cold Brewed Coffee in a Jar:

Required Equipment:

  • One Jar/ Pitcher.  (I use a Mason Jar.  The screw on lid prevents spills, and it has graduated sides so I don’t need a measuring cup.)
  • Coffee Filters
  • Sieve
  • Funnel (optional; it cuts down on the spilling.)


  1. Mix 1 part coffee grounds with 4-to-5 parts water in a jar.
  2. Soak grounds for at least 12 hours, then drain first through the sieve (don’t throw the wet grinds away yet) and then again through the coffee filter.
  3. The resulting liquid is a coffee extract.  Mix an ounce or two directly with milk over ice to make an iced-latte, or add an equal amount of water/ice to make iced coffee.  This part requires some experimenting on your part to determine how strong you like your coffee.
  4. Save the rest of the extract in the fridge – it’ll stay good for a  long while.  The liquid can be microwaved (several times, if your children keep pulling you away) without turning bitter or stale.
  5. Return the used grinds to the jar, and re-soak, using a little less water this time.  The resulting liquid from this batch is a regular strength iced coffee.  This will also stay well in the fridge, but you might want to mark the difference between the double strong and the regular strength so you don’t accidentally dilute the wrong one.

Experiment with different flavors:  I like to add cinnamon and cardamom pods to the grinds.  Cloves and Ginger work well, too.  You can always use flavored coffee as well.

Of course, a traditional coffee brewer will make more coffee in minutes, but one batch of this stuff will last a while, plus, you get two brews out of the grinds, so it’s more cost-effective.  It also uses zero electricity, so you never have to wonder if you unplugged the coffee pot.  No heat also means that it never gets that burnt/acidic flavor.

After about of year of the mason jar technique I switched to an actual cold brew system, which I love, because it’s simpler, neater and funkier looking,  but not required.


9 Responses to “Speaking of an IV infusion of coffee…”

  1. Miriyummy Says:

    Awesome method! First thing I am doing tomorrow morning is going out to buy some intensely flavored coffee beans to make this nirvana in a cup! Oh yeah, and make some ice…

    Have you noticed how similar our blogs are, down to the color?

  2. immahlady Says:

    You know, you don’t even need to buy the ‘good’ coffee. The cheaper brands work just as well this way. A coarse grind is recommended if you’re grinding your own, but I stopped buying whole beans when I realized the grinder makes the baby cry. (That, and it broke:-)

    I did notice the similarities. It’s cause we’re both members of the Awesome-Bloggers-Who-Love-Coffee-and-Cheerful-Colors club. Maybe we should start a Facebook group? We can recruit members and have annual conventions in exotic places…

    • Miriyummy Says:

      You make me LOL. I haven’t bought whole beans in a while, and I don’t think I even own a grinder anymore. But I will go down to my favorite coffee house and have them grind some Sumatra/Ethiopia mix for me just to make your coffee.

      As for that Facebook group, I actually started one for my blog. It’s called Miriyummy (duh) and you are welcome to join. I found that it’s a good way to get your blog across to more audience. I got the idea from Cooking Manager/A Mother in Israel, do you read her?

      Of course, we could always start our own group, a support group, this blogging can get addicting! 😉

  3. immahlady Says:

    Ok, I joined, but I just realized it’s under my real name, so I think I’ll have to start an ImmahLady page, too.

    And yes, my name is ImmahLady and I am a blog-a-holic….

    • Miriyummy Says:

      It’s not an issue, really. You join Facebook with your real name, create an Immahlady group, with you as the admin. Also, don’t forget to join Networked Blogs on Facebook, it’s great help getting your blog across to the masses.

    • Miriyummy Says:

      Once you have everything set up, don’t forget to add me as a friend. My real name is (shhhhhhhh!) Mirjam Weiss. I’m the only with with that name in Israel, although there are a few in Holland and Germany.

  4. Batya from Shiloh Says:

    I love my morning coffee. I use ordinary Israeli Elite Turkish coffee to make it in an ordinary filter/drip coffeemaker. On Passover I perc it.

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