Hot Mug o’ Haiku

I’m super-psyched to have found some online camaraderie over a simple cup of coffee!  You people are really making my week!

So, just for you, Haiku!

One tired Immah

Seeking something hot, stumbles

toward the kitchen.

She is not picky

just desperate for caffeine,

and maybe breakfast.

She likes her coffee

like she likes her men: tall, hot

and a bit bitter.

However, the kids

are up now, so she settles

for lukewarm and short.

Someday she will drink

a whole cup, while it’s still hot

At least, she hopes so.


5 Responses to “Hot Mug o’ Haiku”

  1. Miriyummy Says:

    From one tired ima desperate for caffeine to another, excellent poem! You got me thinking how I could say I like my men like my coffee, but could only come up with words I’m not allowed to say in front of the children.

    BTW, I am you in about 15 years, and can promise that one day you will get a fresh, tall, hot and bitter coffee. Like everything in life, that deep, rich cup of coffee will be well earned and worth the wait.

  2. immahlady Says:

    I had a hunch you were my kind of Immah! And let’s just say that there was definitely some editing on my part 🙂

  3. Ima2seven Says:

    I like my coffee strong and cold. This could be a problem….

  4. Tricolon Says:

    Everytime I fill up my travel coffee mug and it is NOT time to leave for school, my daughter will ask where I am going. Often, the answer is the couch, or to do laundry. I made a wonderous discovery a couple of months ago that not only will I never get to drink my coffee at home while it is still hot, most days it will be all over the rug, couch, dog, me, clean laundry or some combination thereof long before it gets cold. Now the non-spill insulated travel mug gives me at least a chance of having more than a sip before it gets cold and/or spilled. Now if only it wasn’t blending in with the couch or being lost by the woman who clearly hasn’t had enough caffeine yet!

    • immahlady Says:

      The other day, I sat down on the couch with a mug of Very Warm coffee and a fun new app for the ipod. Baby Girl let me know exactly what she thought about that by dumping half the cup on the couch. As if to say: “Hey, Immah, check this out. Here, let me get some on your lap for closer look.”

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