My old friend, Gym

After three children, twin boys and a little girl, it’s been hard to lose weight.  After the boys were born, I joined Weight Watchers.  I remember first stepping on the scale and realizing that I was 20 pounds heavier than where I thought I was, which was already 20 heavier than I should have been.  It took two years, but I managed to lose 40 pounds.

And then I got pregnant again, which is the best reason in the world to gain weight, but this time around, I gained faster than I had with the twins.

And now, over year later, I find myself still struggling with the last 15 pounds (why is it always 15?  Ever notice that?  Every woman I know wants to lose 15 pounds.)  I used to love getting to the gym.  Well, maybe not love, but I liked the adrenaline rush, and the strength, stamina, and endurance.

When we were first married, our apartment was next to a gym.  I went most nights, and I had my crowd.  Some people have a bar, or a coffee place.  I had a gym.  It was very “Norm!” from Cheers.

When we moved here, I joined a gym a mile from my house.  But it was much smaller, and after a day of commuting by train to the city, it was a struggle to get there.  And by the time I dragged myself off the couch, I had nothing getting me going.  I was too late for classes, and it was too quiet and too empty for me.

So I joined a bigger gym, one that has a great childcare room, and started going.  I met friends there, went to the morning classes.  With two small children who didn’t have any other social obligations, I could get up and go between naps.

But that all changed when the baby came.  Baby number three, my sweet angel girl, changed the rules of the game.  Now the boys do have a day scheduled.  Between drop off and nap time and pick up, there isn’t a lot of time to get to the gym, workout, and get dressed again.  And, just for the fun of it, now she freaks out in the childcare room without her brothers.

All winter long, the kids took turns getting sick, and then between class trips and a strained shoulder and the screaming I somehow have gotten off track.

And now school is over, the kids are happily ensconced in camp, and the baby takes a good long afternoon nap, during which time I am stuck in the house, wondering how much time I’ll actually have to get work done before she wakes up.

So you can see where this is going.

Right towards the chocolate.


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