Today I shall Fly

BK2 has a plan.  It involves flying – carefully – off the roof.  (Please note that we have tried to instill the reality of Gravity and it’s Effect on Pulling Children to the Ground, but BK2 would like to point out that it is a Gravitational Theory, not a proof.)
BK1: Let’s not try that one.
BK2 : It’ll be ok. I’ll be careful! I’ll fly to the tree and then you can catch me.
BK1 : That sounds like a Chas V’Shalom (Loosely translated as: Heaven Forbid).
This whole conversation sounded like something very hyperboleandahalf might have a field day with, so I thought I’d try my hand at a cartoon.  Next time I’ll make it bigger.  For now, just click on it.


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