Lessons Learned and Hallmark Totally Gets It

So, it’s been a busy month here in ImmahLady land.   The boys had a week between school and camp, so we took an impromptu trip to North Carolina to visit old friends.  We learned a few important lessons while we were down there:

1.  I am allergic to the south.  Sorry, folks, but despite the lovely people, the temperature and humidity do something funny to my sinuses.  I am not destined to live much below the Mason-Dixon line.

2.  Elmer’s Glue takes a long time to set in that kind of humidity.  This is helpful when you discover that while your kids SHOULD have been napping, they were instead gluing paper to your friend’s office wall.   Five hours after the fact, you can peel the glue off the wall without damaging the paint.  The paper, however, will not survive.

3.  I suspect that someday I will find this funny.   Our hosts already do, which is a sign of  1) their friendship, 2) that there was no real damage done, and 3) that they have children, too.

This striving not to yell thing works and it doesn’t. I didn’t exactly shout, but I definitely spoke out of anger, and I think I scared the kids doing it.  The heat and whining and the not listening had all built up and I was done. Their only response was to curl up and go to sleep.

The drive back was not great.  There was a lot of stopping, more whining, and general griping. (Now 25% longer and more annoying!)

We got home, and My Guy set up his very own consulting company, complete with a newly acquired project.  Talk about hitting the ground running.  But, as ima2seven warned me, two people working from home* will lead to…issues.  Add kids into the mix and you’ve got yourself a whole other game for which rules haven’t yet been invented.

So we were mired ensconced in these issues, when we happened upon our 10th anniversary.

I used to think Hallmark and other card companies managed to forge a new market we could have lived without, but now feel compelled to consume.  Since when did we need someone else to write for us?  But, they must have done something right.  Text and email have been the downfall of letter writing, but a gift still looks incomplete without a card.

So,  there I was, full of righteous indignation and ire, and just wanting my own space and my own schedule back, when I ran out to the Hallmark store, looking for something appropriate.  Something that said, “Hey, Honey, I’m pretty upset and stressed and trying not to eat our children right now, but you’re still My Guy, glad you’re here, thanks for the kids, and love you even though I wouldn’t say no to a vacation alone for a few days.”

Turns out there’s a card for that.  And it sings.

* It certainly isn’t a life of leisure.  I’m pretty sure such a life does not involve diapers, and probably includes emergency pedicures.

Oh, and ima2seven, re: MommyBlogs:  Screw ‘em.  I think we’re fascinating.


2 Responses to “Lessons Learned and Hallmark Totally Gets It”

  1. ima2seven Says:

    This is really funny, and I am not just saying it for all of the credit I seem to be given. : )

  2. Miriyummy Says:

    Your life sounds so much like my life, except instead of Elmer’s glue we have the kids stealing my makeup and discovering that what we intended to defrost for Shabbat has already been eaten. We dump the kids with whomever is willing to take them, and go away for Shabbat, just the two of us, at least three times a year.

    It’s cheaper than marital counseling….

    Happy 10th, that’s a milestone that deserves celebrating, even if the children are on the menu.

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