Love Song Update

Ima2Seven has informed me I need to include a link to the song, and to tag someone else.  I couldn’t find an MP3, but you can listen to an excerpt here. The a cappella is better, but I couldn’t find the Kol HaKavod version.  Also, tricolon, and Miriyummy: TAG!


Ima2Seven has tagged me in a fun meme for Tu B’av on her wonderful blog, so I’m it.

She was tagged by Amy Meltzer over at homeshuling, who wants to know our favorite Jewish love song, in honor of Tu B’av, “…a traditional festival dating back to the time of the mishnah,  when young women dressed in white would sing and dance in the vineyards, while the single men would look on, hoping to find their basherte.”

I have a short list, and I won’t bore you with details, but somewhere at the top is Nachamu Ami (Comfort, comfort My people):   I first heard it back in my college a cappella days – U of M’s Kol HaKovod did an amazing arrangement of the Safam song, and the melody stuck with me. The words come from  Isaiah, and the timing of this Meme couldn’t be better, since it was part of this week’s haftorah.  It is read every year on the Shabbat following Tisha B’av (also known as Shabbat Nachamu). It’s not a love song, per se, but the image of G-d comforting his people because they are hurting, well, I can feel the love in that.


3 Responses to “Love Song Update”

  1. ima2seven Says:

    I think you were supposed to tag someone! … any chance you can dig up a link to the song from somewhere?

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    […] tagged in a meme where you have to post your favorite Jewish love song.  She then tagged Immahlady, who has now tagged me.  It’s been a week and a half since we celebrated Tu B’Av, but […]

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    […] B’Av – Better Late than Never? Immahlady tagged me in the Tu B’Av Love Song Meme and now that this little known Jewish Holiday is […]

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