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October 31, 2010

I don’t believe in Halloween.  I never did, and I’m no Prophet, but it’s safe to say I never will.

But I totally get that you do.

I will coo over costumes (and buy them up super cheap for Purim on November 1st), buy a ton of candy that will employ a lot of willpower not to consume, and dutifully answer the door, even on years when Trick-or-Treating coincides with Shabbat Dinner.

I do this because I am lucky enough to live in a society where everyone’s views are respected.  I do this because I genuinely like my neighbors.  I do this because it’s really all about making children happy.  I do this to teach my children that they do not live in a bubble of Judaism – they belong to larger whole of humanity and they shouldn’t ignore something or someone just because they are different.  Not taking part of something because it doesn’t belong to you is a perfectly acceptable credo, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore or minimize its significance to someone else.

So please, please, please, don’t tell me that my children are missing out.  That Halloween used to have a (albeit) Pagan significance, but now it’s just about fun, costumes, party, and candy.  That it’s more Hallmark than Religion.  I know all that.

It’s still not my holiday.

But feel free to come to my house for the good chocolate.