It’s from China!

We spent this past Shabbos over in ima2seven‘s neck of the woods, so we dropped by for some fascinating conversation (the immahs) and trampoline time (the kids).

At departure time, BK1 joyously showed off a prize (a plastic medal medallion), bequeathed unto him from the 11-year-old.

Immah:  That’s amazing!  What do you say to 11-Year-Old?

BK1:  Can I keep it?

(Note, the ensuing lecture on the usage of “Thank You” was completely drowned out by ima2seven’s laughter).

Back at our host house, BK1 is busy showing off his prize while I unload Little Miss from the stroller.

Immah (walking in to the kitchen):  And did you tell everyone where it’s from?

BK1:  It’s from CHINA!


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