Immah:  Pronounced EE – Mah (hebrew for Mom)

That’s me, your cruise director.  In a former life I wore dry clean only clothing,  had a killer commute to the big city, and never had to share a computer.   Now, I’m a super-busy SAHM, who occasionally misses the wardrobe, but if you’ve had to take three kids to the dry cleaners you know it’s just not worth it.

One of my best skills in life is what we in CrazyTown call Finding the Funny.  As far as I can figure, it’s generally a genetic trait, but we have been known to rub off on others.  It’s hard to define, but if you could imagine John Stewart running a Daily Show Special on your life, that comes pretty close.   It also really helps in getting through really long meetings.

I suppose it also helps that if the children are going to see me as their personal entertainment system/concierge, I might as well teach them to amuse me, too.


2 Responses to “Bio”

  1. kallahshelyonatondovhalevi Says:

    Your wonderful kids are the funny:):) Thanks for having a Torah Observant Family that knows how to enjoy life’s moments:):)

    • immahlady Says:

      Thanks, and welcome! I’m quite sure I’ll have a lot of those moments between now and Pesach! Shoot. I just saw the clock and have waaay less time to candle-lighting that I thought!

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