Cast Of Characters

ImmahLady:  (Pronounced EE – Mah; hebrew for Mom) That’s me, your cruise director.  In a former life I wore dry clean only clothing,  had a killer commute to the big city, and never had to share a computer.   Now, I’m a super-busy SAHM, who occasionally misses the wardrobe, but if you’ve had to take three kids to the dry cleaners you know it’s just not worth it.

My Guy:  He’s cute and dreamy, and all mine.  Got the jewelery to prove it ladies, so hands off!

BK1:  Big Kid 1, the boy who made me a Momma, established in 2005.  Well-spoken, grandpa type who will rule the world, but first just has to tell you one really exciting fact about what makes shiny things so shiny. 

BK2:  Big Kid 2, who made his appearance just two minutes after his brother.  This kid is happy and animated all day long, and has an amazing knack for finding candy.  Even the stuff I hid behind the top shelf in the pantry.

BG:  Baby Girl,  who made her appearance in 2009, but it’s as if she’s been here all along.  Maybe because her older brothers keep teaching her to do stuff…

MommyOmy:  My baby sister, by four minutes, not that I have once let her forget it. Oh, and MommyOmy:  It’s in print now! 

The Nephew:  He will acquire many nicknames, but all you need to know for now is that, being 6 months older than the BKs, and living nearby, it’s like we upgraded from twins to triplets.  That’s like having one extra kid, but 10 extra amps.  In case you were wondering.

Little G:  In keeping with cousins close in age, MommyOmy obliged with an insta-friend for BG.  Little G (or g) is still a little young for a personality assessment, but trust me ladies, you want to take her the hairdresser for a color match.

BIL:  My Brother-in-law, whose name is pronounced gleefully, with many exclamation points.


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