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Peach Flavored Summer

July 6, 2010

Got super-soft, so mushy you’re tempted to toss ’em peaches?

Ok, I’m no Miriyummy or anything, but I occasionally dabble in the kitchen.  And sometimes the dabbling comes out delectable.  At least to me.

Peach – Cherry Soup.  A first course in four ingredients:

  • 10 – 12 Mushy peaches
  • Splash of rice/soy milk
  • A good splash of peach liqueur
  • 1 bag frozen, pitted sweet cherries (I suppose you could use fresh, but it would take too much time to prep them)


Skin the peaches.  If the skin isn’t practically falling off the fruit, it’s not mushy enough anyway.

Squeeze the fruit off the pit (or stone, for you sticklers) directly into the cooking pot.  Seriously.  Wrap your hand around it and squeeze.  It’s messy, but it saves time and energy.

Put the fruit and its juice over medium-high heat.

Add a splash of rice/soy milk.

When it’s close to boiling, add the liqueur.  Don’t be shy, but don’t go crazy either.  We’re not aiming for a broth-y soup.

Once it boils, add the frozen cherries.  Heat until the cherries are at least warm and mushy.

I served it hot, but I bet it would taste just fine cold, if you roll that way.

Would have taken a pic, but this was a pre-shabbos serendipity.

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ImmahLady’s Pink Peach Iced Tea Lemonade:

Steep a dozen bags of peach tea in 1 gallon hot water, until you get a nice deep color.  (Sorry about the mass quantity, I was setting up for a bunch of guests)

Let the tea cool for a while, and then pour directly into a pitcher full of ice.

Add one packet of Pink Lemonade mix.